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Acute Home Healthcare

At the start of your care, one of our specially trained Nurses or Therapists will develop a personalized care plan that will address the physical and emotional needs of you or your loved one.

An Individual Approach To In Home Health Care

Our Approach

Acute Home Healthcare provides an individualized approach to Home Health Care in the Central Florida area. We know and understand the vital importance of feeling safe in our homes. Which is why when circumstances arise that challenge you or your loved ones’ ability to reside at home without additional assistance, an Acute Home HealthCare Caregiver may be the perfect solution for you.


Our levels of care, hours of service and companionship are specifically developed for each patient.

A Range of Services to Suit Your Needs

Our team of caregivers are dedicated to your care, safety, and health. Acute Home Healthcare currently provides the following Home Health Care services to Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, and Brevard County.
  • Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Social Work
  • Home Health Aides

Our Services

Nursing Services

Our Nursing staff provide a wide range of skilled nursing services. Whether you need wound care or help with IV medications, help with ostomy care or any other Nursing
service, our dedicated staff will be there to assist you in the comfort of your own home.

Physical Therapy

After an injury and often after an extended hospital stay, Physical Therapy is required in order for one to regain full strength and mobility. One phone call to Acute can facilitate Physical Therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Occupational Therapy

After an injury or an extended hospital stay, many may find it difficult to perform simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning or other daily activities. Our Occupation Therapy staff will help you return to full independence and functionality in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Speech Language Pathology

After a stroke, head injury or other neurological impairment, many a patient will benefit from the services of our Speech Language Pathology department. We will work with you with care and compassion to restore your speech as much as possible and provide, if needed, instruction and training in alternate communication devices. We also provide treatment for swallowing disorders.

Social Work

Acute Home Healthcare does not focus solely on clinical issues. We have a holistic approach caring for all your needs! Our team of social workers will assist you with counseling. They will also connect you or your loved one with community resources, governmental and charitable organizations, and will do everything we can to enable you to stay in your home and receive all the support that you may need.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides often play a vital role in patient recovery. Our Home Health Aides will assist you with all your personal needs, commonly referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Our Home Health Aides will assist with activities such as: Meal preparation; Dressing; Bathing; Toileting; Shopping; Housekeeping Medication Reminders and other diversionary activities as needed.

Get In Touch!

Acute Home Healthcare’s goal is to provide you the best service and information about your care. Please give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

We will coordinate with your physician, your insurance company and your pharmacy to ensure that you receive only the highest levels of care in a timely, compassionate and professional fashion, all in the comfort of your own home.

Please contact us by using this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Diane Overcash
Diane Overcash
Sadly I wrote a wonderful review for Acute Home Healthcare and because I am not adept with saving items on the computer it just disappeared. So here we go again. Acute HH is the best and deserves 10 Stars if I could do it. All of their employees who came to my home to help me regain my strength and ability to function normally. They were all so caring and did all they could to help me keep my balance, function in my home and watch out for me that I felt so happy every time one of them showed up. Oscar my nurse was so attentive and helped me to regulate my blood pressure to be normal again. Jenny and Casey; the physical and occupational therapists did everything they could to show me how to do my exercising leaving me papers with all the instructions necessary. I looked forward to their visits and tried hard to follow their instructions. When my blood pressure was high they all kept watching over me and even spoke to my family doctor. I felt that I wasn't just a patient, but a grandmother (type) who needed to be cared for in a very special way. I recommend Acute Home Healthcare to anyone who needs help from a company that has professional and wonderful employees who are not only intelligent but the best at what they do for you. Thank you all for being their for me. Diane Overcash
Michoel Rennert
Michoel Rennert
The best!
Trachelle Kennedy
Trachelle Kennedy
Everyone has been extremely helpful and kind!
CJ Lederer
CJ Lederer
Amazing agency to work with! Family member needed home healthcare and they came through and provided. Amazing care and service every step of the way. Ian was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend for any home healthcare needs!
Shai'Ann Simpson
Shai'Ann Simpson
One of the best home healthcare agencies! I myself have had the pleasure of being apart of the team to witness the amazing treatment even the staff receives!
Rosa Estrada
Rosa Estrada
The company is very trustfull and I recommend it for any kind of patients.
Kathleen Almonte
Kathleen Almonte
Acute is one of the most reliable home health care agencies in the area. In my job, I am responsible for sending home health referrals for our patients. No complaints yet for our referred patients. thank you Acute!
Alina Vazquez
Alina Vazquez
Acute Home health is the best agency you could get for Home Health care is an excellent company to work with. Their staff are amazing and great with communication. They are very dedicated to providing great patient care. Great services and attention to our patients love working with Cynthia she is amazing.
Elbogen Family
Elbogen Family
When we needed home care for our family member, there were many choices. We were so happy we chose Acute! Their friendly and loving staff treated our family like their own!
Karyliane Ramirez
Karyliane Ramirez