World Lung Cancer Day is observed on August 1st, and was created to promote lung health and lung cancer awareness. Lung cancer is the second leading cancer worldwide and is the most common cause of all cancer deaths among both men and women.
Smoking Tabaco is one of the most common risks linked to lung cancer. Other risk factors include smoking cigarettes’, one’s family history, exposure to secondhand smoke and environmental and occupational exposure.
Some of the most common signs of lung cancer include: unexplained weightless, sudden loss of appetite, feeling weak or fatigued, coughing that produces blood, a cough that worsens over time, hoarseness or wheezing, shortness of breath, pain in your chest, back, or shoulder area that worsens when you cough, laugh or breathe.
While symptoms vary being proactive is crucial as once the disease spreads it may become more difficult to treat. Also remember to take preventative measures for yourself and your loved ones, like avoiding second hand smoke and cigarettes.